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Trader Joes Snack Review

Mary Hance / The Tennessean
Trader Joe’s has many delicious snacks to choose from. If you can’t decide which snacks to buy, read this article for ratings on Trader Joe’s Snacks. All the snacks I tried were delicious and unique.

Trader Joe’s is known for having unique and different foods than other grocery stores. There is a variety of foods, such as dips made only by Trader Joe’s and frozen cooked meals that are easy to make. Trying all the Trader Joe’s snacks would take years, so I tried a few that many people buy. Here are my Trader Joe Snack Ratings:

Cinnamon Sugar Almonds—These were one of my favorite snacks from Trader Joe’s. Trying not to eat the whole bag was a struggle. I find these amazing as someone who isn’t a big almond eater. The cinnamon sugar ratio and the almond’s amount of coating were perfect. I rate these almonds a 10/10.

Chili and Lime corn tortilla chips- Trader Joe’s is known for having these fantastic chips, so I had to try them. Spicy chips usually aren’t for me, but these chips had just the right amount of spice. The lime flavoring mixed with chili flavoring creates a very flavorful chip, and the lime helps cool down the chip. These chips are an 8/10.

Dark Chocolate Ganache Sheet Cake- This cake has been a craving for me every day since I tried it. This moist chocolate cake melts on your tongue and has just the right amount of frosting. The cake is so light and airy that it almost feels like you’re not eating anything. This cake is a 9/10.

Organic corn chip dippers—These chips are the perfect shape for dipping in a sauce. The seasoning on these corn chips tastes unlike any chip I’ve ever had. Eating these chips makes me feel like I’m at a Mexican street carnival. The street corn seasoning makes these chips full of flavor. These chips are 7/10.

Sesame Honey Cashews- If you can’t decide between a sweet or salty snack, these cashews are for you. Cashews are often salty, but the honey coating provides a sweet hint to the cashews. This sweet and salty combo helps soothe all my cravings. I’d rate these cashews a 7/10.

Dark Chocolate peanut butter cups- I couldn’t have asked for anything better from these peanut butter cups. The Chocolate and peanut butter combo is out of this world. Both the chocolate and peanut butter are very sweet and creamy. This treat is a 10/10.

Brookie bites- These bites are half brownie and half cookie. You’ll fall in love with these brookie bites if you’re a big, sweet person. These are perfect for that midnight sweet craving and are a great bite-size portion. These brookie bites are a 9/10.

Overall, all these snacks exceeded my expectations. I would recommend buying them the next time you go to Trader Joe’s.

Click here for more Trader Joes snacks to try:

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