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Best Study Methods

It’s almost time for the end of the year exams and there are multitude ways one can prep themselves for finals. Instead of procrastinating and doing everything on your task list at the last minute, experiment with different study methods that could help you succeed!

Finals and exams are quickly approaching and it’s the prime time to discover a studying method that can create a successful end to the 2024 school year. Over the past few weeks, I’ve experimented with various studying methods and hacks to discover the best method for me personally. Here are a few methods that I’ve reached success with.

Twenty-Five on Five off

This method I feel is better for when you need to memorize things. I decided to try out this method when I was studying for my AP Psychology vocab quiz. Take twenty-five minutes to work and then take five minutes for a mental break then repeat. After that five-minute timer is over, immediately get back to work and don’t hit the snooze. I’ve used this method and got hundreds on all my quizzes since.

The Melting Method

I recommend this method for a writing assignment or any assignment that requires heavy concentration. The melting method basically consists of filling a cup halfway full of ice and studying until the ice is fully melted. Since it does take some time for the ice to melt, it helped me focus on my assignment since I didn’t have the idea that an alarm would eventually go off.

Spaced Practice

I would recommend this method for subjects like math and science because it aids in gaining a long-term understanding of the topic. Spaced practice is a method where you learn the material and revisit the topic every few days and then revisit again after a week. Spacing out your studying allows your mind to build connections and add onto that knowledge after more practice. This method additionally makes recalling the knowledge easier.

Of course, you need to create the conditions in your body and environment to have the full potential to learn and retain information. You can do this by getting a good night’s sleep, making sure you have a positive study environment, listening to calm music, having a snack and eliminating distractions. By being healthy physically, it makes mental exercise less of a burden.


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Vera Agne, Staffer

Hi! My name is Vera Agne I’m a junior here at Plant High School and a second-year staff member on PHS news. In my free time, I love to read, sketch, and watch all kinds of movies. I am so excited to be a part of staff again this year:)

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