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Bachelor Blog: Episode 10

It is that time of the year again! The Bachelor is back every Monday night with episodes filled with drama, new connections, heartbreak, and, most importantly, love.

This week’s episode is a fan favorite because all the women contestants who stole the show this past season are returning for the Women Tell All. During this event, there is a live audience and the host, Jessie Palmer, asks the women pressing questions about their time on the show and the drama surrounding The Bachelor Mansion.

When the drama connecting Maria and Sydney was addressed, the two women began arguing again, just like they did while fighting for Joey. However, Maria and Sydney hugged and apologized for all the turmoil they put each other through in the end. Furthermore, things got heated when all the women started completely disagreeing with everything Leah was saying. She was trying to defend herself from her actions and words, she told Madina. During the commercial break, Leah went backstage to collect herself and wipe her tears away before reappearing on the screen.

Lexi joined Jessie in the interview seat, where he asked her questions about leaving the show because of her fertility condition and how dealing with that heartbreak has been for her. Lexi said that Joey handled her departure with grace and respect for following her dreams of wanting to be a mother.

Although the women’s discussion of all the drama around the mansion during the season got intense, and tears were shed, the conversation ended with all the ladies on the same page, cherishing the memories they made together.

After the women tell their truths, the episode returns to the scene with Joey and Kelsey’s mysterious note. Once Kelsey appears at Joey’s door, they sit on the sofa for a meaningful conversation. Kelsey tells him she is all in on their relationship and expresses how much she misses him when they are apart. This conversation terrified Joey because he thought Kelsey would leave and back away from the relationship. Kelsey leaves his room feeling sorry that she scared Joey with the note and regrets how she vaguely worded it.

The next day is the rose ceremony, and the remaining three women feel anxious. Once the ceremony begins, Joey says that the week was filled with many beautiful moments with the women, and he is going through this experience leading with his heart. The first rose goes to Daisy, and the second is given to Kelsey. This means Rachel is getting sent home. Before she leaves, Joey and Rachel talk on a bench, where Joey confesses that he was not at that point of falling in love with Rachel and that it would be unfair to keep her there if he felt that way. Rachel understands and leaves gracefully and with respect for the remaining women.

After the audience sees Joey not choose Rachel, she speaks with Jessie and sees Joey for the first time since the rose ceremony. Rachel expressed that it was hard watching back the scene of saying goodbye to Joey, but she is grateful for the experience. Although she was happy to see Joey again, Rachel took the time to address the social media hate she and her family were receiving from Rachel appearing on the show. Rachel was not the only woman getting online hate; in fact, every woman confessed to being targeted with thousands of horrible comments. Jessie made an announcement saying that cyberbullying and hate online will not be tolerated and should be shut down immediately.

The next episode is the season finale, and the unfolding events have allegedly never happened before in The Bachelor’s history. Fans anxiously await to discover if Joey will propose to Daisy or Kelsey and how the other woman will handle the heartbreak.

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