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Juliette Selman Goes for the Gold

Katie Mccarey
Juliette Selman (10) stood next to her NICU as it had just been opened. Juliette’s NICU is thriving with young animals, and it is saving lives every day.

On March 16, 2024, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay announced that Juliette Selman (10), a student at Plant, had the idea of creating a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for premature animals that needed an incubator to help them survive until they could manage on their own.

Selman raised funds for the NICU as a Girl Scout of America. With the funding she raised, Juliette was able to provide all the supplies needed to create the NICU for the Humane Society.

“I was inspired to do this by volunteering in the shelter’s Intake sector. I asked the Intake Manager, Dawn, what I could do to increase the survival rates of newborn kittens and puppies, and she said that she needed an incubator, so I decided to create a whole NICU,” Selman said.

Creating a NICU at the Humane Society allowed Juliette to apply for the Girl Scouts of America’s Gold Award. To receive the Gold Award, you must have completed the Bronze and Silver Awards beforehand.

Receiving the award would make Juliette a “Gold Award Girl Scout,” the highest accomplishment in the Girl Scouts of America Non-Profit Organization.

“This project came to mind because I wanted to do something big, and an incubator wasn’t as big as I wanted my project to be. I created a NICU with an incubator, oxygen concentrator, bottle warmer, heaters, milk, blankets, and more. This all helps to increase the survival rate of newborn kittens and puppies,” stated Juliette.

To officially receive the Gold Award, Selman must submit the final report of her project and then do an interview. After the interview, there is a ceremony where Juliette will obtain her award.

“Juliette’s project will undoubtedly make a huge difference in the lives of the animals there. It is inspiring to see students positively impact their communities,” said Kimi Hellenberg, Plant’s Principal.

Selman will continue volunteering at the Humane Society until she graduates. Juliette made an impact on the shelter, and her NICU will help the shelter increase its overall animal output.

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