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Olipop vs Poppi

Olipop and Poppi have become very popular probiotic beverages. People are either team Olipop or Poppi. Both beverages are considered healthy, but are they actually good for you? Continue reading to find out.

There are many types of prebiotic drinks, but there are two runners-up in this space, Olipop and Poppi. There have been many debates on social media, and people are either on Team Poppi or Olipop. But what makes them different from one another?

There is a clear difference between the two, and it has to do with the science behind them. Before discussing the differences, it’s important to know that fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics are three things that help keep our guts healthy.

Fiber-Fiber is a carbohydrate that the body can’t digest. It helps increase stool bulk and avoid constipation by pushing stool along the GI tract. Fiber has many benefits, such as improving LDL cholesterol, regulating blood sugars, and improving heart health. The average American is predicted only to get in about 15 grams of fiber, and we need to have 25 grams of fiber per day.

Prebiotics-Prebiotics are different from probiotics but just as important. They are from plant fibers that act as food for the bacteria in our gut.

Probiotics—Probiotics are the living microorganisms in food that improve our good bacteria. Prebiotics are the food probiotics eat. Working together, they help our intestinal tract have a healthy microflora of bacteria to support digestion.

Now the battle begins!

Poppi and Olipop are trendy brands. Both have many flavors to choose from. Some popular flavors are Poppi cherry limeade and orange. Some classic Olipop flavors are vintage cola and strawberry vanilla. Both brands claim that their formulas help support overall health and gut health.


All their flavors contain about 2-5 grams of added sugar, whereas most soda brands contain 30-40 grams or more.


The main difference between the drinks is the ingredients of functional prebiotics they chose. They are different drinks but have the same function.

Poppi-Poppi uses apple cider vinegar, which is a prebiotic known as pectin. Many researchers have stated that apple cider vinegar may help the gut microbiota, but no science can back it up. Having a soda with less added sugar is great, but apple cider vinegar helps our gut health. Apple cider vinegar is known for reducing blood sugar levels and preventing heartburn and is an excellent source of antioxidants.

Olipop-Olipop combines different prebiotics, such as cassava root, chicory root, artichoke, nopal cactus, calendula flower, and kudzu root. These ingredients add fiber, which helps regulate our bowel movements and stabilize our blood sugar. A significant benefit of Olipop is that it can help us achieve our daily fiber intake.

Who wins the battle?

Overall, if you love fizzy drinks and are looking for new beverages that can do more than quench your thirst, Olipop and Poppi are both good choices. Poppi lacks research on functional prebiotics that are known to support digestive health, while Olipop is a great option based on ingredients that are backed up by research. But the choice of beverage is yours.

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