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Ringing and Buzzing: The Influence of Phones in the Classroom

Bella Johnson
Phones have become a revolutionary technology in this day in age. The question has been thrown up, especially in Florida, about the presence of phones in an academic setting.

Phones. Simply put, a computer that fits in your pocket. More complexly put, an “instrument or apparatus which transmits sound beyond the limits of ordinary audibility,” according to legal terms. Phones have been one of the most influential inventions in modern day, influencing home, work, and practically every environment throughout the world.

A topic that has recently been explored within the last decade is this; how do phones impact children and schooling? Many see the influence of phones as an inhibitor to student’s classwork as well as attention span during lectures. Others tend to view the positive impacts, such as easy access to schoolwork and practice sites that can improve a student’s understanding of content.

Physics and cybersecurity teacher, Jim Brockman, has his opinion on the impact of phones in school and specifically, his classroom.

“Is there a time and place for phones in a classroom,” Brockman asked. “Yes, yes there is. Phones can be used to aid during labs in my classroom and help students in the room when they are utilizing their phones for my assignments. However, the problem surfaces when phones are not used for instruction and are not used in a responsible manner. That is where the problem begins to show.”

As Brockman said, students can use phones to access and improve assignments, such as the physics labs he mentioned. Many students use online resources to help prepare for classes such as AP courses, dual enrollment, ACT/SAT prep and more. The question arises if phones are allowed in some situations like labs and online study courses, how does one discern when they should not be in use in schooling?

Specifically in Florida, phones in school typically are shown in a more negative light. In winter of 2023, the Florida Senate passed a new law prohibiting the use during school and blocking student’s access to social media on school Wi-Fi.

Student, Ellianna Valkenberg, has her view on phones in education.

“I think sometimes phones can be helpful for certain assignments if I don’t know what to do,” Valkenberg said. “But I can distract, and I won’t pay attention so it can hurt my grades.”

In the end, phones will always have a place in education, but their current use may change with the years to come.

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