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Future and Metro Boomin recently released a new album called “WE DON’T TRUST YOU” on March 22, 2024. The album includes guest appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Playboi Carti, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Young Thug and Rick Ross. “WE DON’T TRUST YOU” was a commercial success as it reached the top on The United States’ Billboard 200. While this wasn’t my favorite album from Future and Metro Boomin, it’s still an album worth listening to. Here are a few of my favorite songs from the album.

We Don’t Trust You

This song lies on the chiller side, but I think it has a great rhythm.

Young Metro

Another chill song, nothing too loud like how other rap songs can be. This song features The Weeknd but their part isn’t pronounced as much as it could’ve been.

Ice Attack

This is my second favorite song on the album and should be a definite listen. The beat is mellow enough to be able to concentrate on homework while simultaneously enjoying the song. I love the beginning tempo and it gets better throughout the whole song.

Like That

This is my favorite song on the whole album just because it defers away from the main tone of the whole album. Most of the songs on this album are chill, filler songs, in other words songs I would skip if they came up in my shuffle. This song includes a surprise feature from Kendrick Lamar which I absolutely loved. His feature added more character and emphasis to the song.

Slimed In

One of the “louder” songs on the album. I personally like this song for my exercises because the beat is repetitive and loud that way it aids in my contraction to the workouts like my runs.

Most of the songs on this album are considered “fillers” to me because some are just basic rap songs nothing special. There is a lot of repetition of beats between the songs and most of them have repeating chorus’ which to me seems lazy and boring.

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