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Big Reputation: Taylor Swift’s Top Songs

Bella Johnson
Don’t blame her for being so famous, as Taylor Swift cannot help but be a mastermind. In this article, I will highlight my favorite songs by Swift as someone who isn’t the biggest fan, but knows when someone makes a good song to sway to.

Taylor Swift. An already huge, possibly the largest, pop star who has music that reaches across every genre. To some, she is everything, grace and class, heart and soul, “Mother”. For others, she is another pop singer overplayed on the radio. I would like to think of myself as in the middle, someone who has intense respect for the wordsmith and poet Swift is, but cannot listen 24/7, 365 to her music. However, no one can deny the raw talent and work ethic that Swift has instilled in every single song, which has earned respect from me. In this article, I will list my top songs that Swift has captured myself with and with explanations attached, spanning across all albums and “Taylor’s Versions.”

“the lakes – bonus track” from “folklore”

This song is two words for me… lyrical masterpiece. The entire album of “folklore” feels like a magical fairytale that the listener is swept away in. This specific feature has an element that I cannot explain that makes it such a wonderful feature. The soft hints of instruments such as harps, violins and more from the String family. The lyrics just add on to is already a masterpiece of instrumental bliss, creating a sense of love that I have found hard to rival in any other song. For me, this song is score of 11/10.

“no body, no crime (feat. HAIM)” from “evermore”

When Swift released “evermore”, this song was on permanent replay by my sisters and I, showcasing a different genre for Swift of storytelling, an idea experimented in earlier albums. However, the execution in this song is why it is one of my favorites by Swift ever. The combination of the story Swift tells of her friend, Este, who mysteriously disappears and Swift blames her husband. The addition of guitar, both acoustic and light electric in the back chords, creates an unskippable song for me. This song earns a 10/10 on my scoring.

“Getaway Car” from “reputation”

“Getaway Car” is peak Swift “reputation era” and is my favorite song off of the album. This song alone is why I am personally so excited for Swift’s “Taylor’s Version” of reputation. The story in the song with the fast-paced tempo of the instruments makes it the perfect song to sing with friends in the car at night. The song is perfection in my eyes, earning the score of 10/10 for me.

“I Know Places” from “1989 (Taylor’s Version)”

Growing up with an older sister meant one thing in my household… 1989, every time, all the time. This was my anthem when I was growing up and when I moved to Florida, holding a special place in my heart for that reason. This specific song on Swift’s rerelease was my favorite because I felt it had the most improvement and still resonances deep with my childhood nostalgia. Because of all these factors, I give this song a solid 9/10 score.

“willow” from “evermore”

I am a “forevermore” fan until the day I die, and this is another song off the album that is perfect for me. The use of guitar and classic piano make it feel like such a personal song, almost as if Swift is talking to the listener, making it a true masterpiece. It truly feels like you could be in a flannel in the woods standing right next to Swift, being the reason this earns a 10/10 from me.

“illicit affairs” from “folklore”

I love this song in every way not because of its feature on my favorite album, but rather, for Taylor Swift’s live version of this song, coined “Angry Taylor.” The emotion that Swift releases in the live version is truly unparalleled by anything I have ever seen before. In her live version, Swift has so much more emotion, pain and more mirrored in her singing. Because of this, fans have called her more “intense” live songs, “Angry Taylor’s Version”. This song earns a 10/10 from me.

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