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Five Ice Cream Spots in Tampa

Summer is approaching, meaning that ice cream will become a daily staple. To learn about the best ice cream shops in Tampa, continue reading.

Ice cream in Florida is necessary during the summer, so having a go-to spot can be helpful in the heat. Although there are places around the city where you can grab a bite, the following five places are my favorites.

Dairy Joy:

Going to Dairy Joy with my family and friends has been a staple since childhood. The soft serve, milkshakes, and ice cream, along with the design, make the shop a comfortable spot to eat ice cream with the people I care for. The Tampa tourist attraction is outdoors, with colorful tables and fun games to play while enjoying dessert.

Farrell’s On the Island:

Farrell’s is located on Davis Islands, in the heart of the island’s village. When looking to eat out for the night but still want a warm feeling in the city, Farrell’s is the perfect place to grab ice cream. To go along with it, I normally stop by 220 East for dinner because it is right across the street, or I will walk down a few storefronts and grab a cookie from Bake n’ Babes to go along with my ice cream.

Chill Bros’ Scoop Shop:

With multiple locations across Tampa, Chill Bros has quickly become a favorite of the locals in the short time it has been open. My favorite flavor from Chill Bros has been Double Down Oreo, and I love it because it tastes fantastic as ice cream and a milkshake. The shop is a great place to quickly stop and grab a bite, with plenty of inside and outside seating.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams:

Jeni’s has appeared on my radar recently, and I like their variety of flavors. My favorite flavor to get is Milkiest Chocolate, and it is a straightforward, trusted flavor, so it has become a comfort ice cream for me. Jeni’s has two locations, one in Sparkman Wharf and the other right outside of Armature Works, so I usually partake in fun activities when I am in the area.


 With its only location in the heart of Historic Hyde Park Village, OddFellows has become a great way to refresh myself after a long day. In Hyde Park, there are many independent restaurants with unique menus. The village contains many activities, with a local park nearby and a movie theater in the center of the outdoor shopping center, so stopping for some ice cream is always on my list of things to do in Hyde Park.

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