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Pantherilla 1929 vs 2024

95 years ago, Plant High School had its first Pantherilla. The remaining prom court nominees from left to right are Seniors Crimson Freeman, Corinne Kudzinski, Libby Lewis, and Lily Slaughter. Read more to find out about the history of Pantherilla. Photo Credits: 2024 photos Jenise Gorman, 1929 photos HB Plant Yearbook.

April 13th Plant High School had their 95th annual Pantherilla, consisting of a casino night theme. Plant High School PTSA planned a night in the casino room. The PTSA had playing cards on tables for the entertainment of students, to simulate the reality of this casino night. A red glow lit up the room from 7:30-10:30 pm, giving the students that casino glow. Plant PTSA also provided a selfie booth for PHS students to take pictures with their friends all night long. In 1929, Plant High School held its first Pantherilla. They crowned two seniors king and queen that night. Forever making history as the first king and queen of Pantherilla, King Robert of the House of Gilliam and Queen Becky of the House of Price were put into the history books. In 2024, kings and queens are named by their first and last names: back then the first and last names were inserted into King/Queen (first name) of the House of (last name). 2024 king and queen were announced later that night on April 13th, naming Senior Sage Stark the king and Senior Arseima Negash the queen. The history of Plant High Schools Pantherilla king and queen are shown below, 1929-1943.

1929—Robert Gilliam, Rebecca Price.

1930—Holmes Kirkland, Margurite Kreher.

1931—Steve Trice, Martha Owens.

1932—Charles Fleming, Elmorine McDuffie.

1933—Nat Glogowski, Marjorie


1934—Nelson Davis, Jeanie Trice.

1935—John Tarr, Maella Johnson.

1936—William McDuffie, Minter Clark.

1937—Stockton, Smith, Millicent Hampton.

1938—Boykin McDuffie, Gene Parkhill.

1939—George Henriquez, Betsy McMichael.

1940—Doyle Carlton, Mildred Woodbery.

1941—Billy Martin, June Stratton.

1942—King Kendrick, Dottie Sue Caldwell.

1943—Mac Loftis, Nell Struss.

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