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Ranking Riley Green’s New Album

Photo: @rileyduckman on instagram On Apr. 12, Riley Green released his new album, “Way Out Here.” The album consists of seven songs, ranging from emotional to upbeat new hits.

On Apr. 12, 2024, Riley Green released his new country album, “Way Out Here.” The album consists of seven songs, with “Worst Way” being the single on the album. This is Green’s third album in the country music industry. Although Green has been busy on the road with his tour titled “This Ain’t My Last Rodeo Tour,” he still carved out the time to create new music for his fans. The album’s ranking is based on my favorite songs and the ones I recommend listening to before the others.

#1- “Good Morning From Mexico”

“Good Morning From Mexico“ is the fourth song on the new album and is my favorite. The first time I listened to this song, it stuck out from the rest of the new ones released. “Good Morning From Mexico” has an upbeat country feel and catchy tune. The story behind the song is about bailing on his wedding and going to Mexico, where he spends his time enjoying the beaches and amenities of Mexico to recover from the heartbreak.

#2- “Jesus Saves”

“Jesus Saves” is the most heartfelt song on the album. The lyrics are intense and unlike most songs produced by Green. The songs on “Way Out Here” are primarily cheerful and contain lyrics describing good times. However, Green turns that all around with this song and lyrics discussing a homeless man’s life. The man explains that his life has involved his dad leaving him, his mother battling cancer and passing away, and going off to fight in the military. Green’s faith in God is revealed through this song by reinforcing the idea that Jesus saves everyone.

#3- “Way Out Here”

“Way Out Here” is one of my favorite songs on the album because of the unyielding country lyrics. As the song plays, the listener is transported into the world of life in the country. Green sings about God, earning your own money, fighting in the military, and living in the country.

#4- “Damn Good Day to Leave”

This song is one of the more catchier ones from the album, and worth listening to. In “Damn Good Day to Leave,” Green tells the story about how a woman broke up with him on the right day because he was going fishing, the weather was nice outside, there was a good show on T.V., and he had a pocket full of money. This song includes some humorous lines that depict Green’s writing style.

#5- “Worst Way”

Number five on my list is “Worst Way” because nothing stands out from this song that makes it memorable. I would listen to this song again, but it would not be one of the first ones I chose. This song describes Green wanting to spend time with a woman he likes and feeling like he needs her, expressing his desire and fondness for her.

#6- “Pick a Place”

“Pick a Place” is a meaningful song on Green’s new album that speaks to his listeners about how he treats relationships. The lyrics talk about Green letting the woman he is with pick any place in the world to travel to, and he will be there with her. “Pick a Place” expresses a sweet message, but it is not a song I would think about listening to again.

#7- “Atlantic City”

My least favorite song on the “Way Out Here” album is “Atlantic City.” I do not like this song as much as the others because it is not memorable, and nothing sticks out from it that would make me listen to it again. The song describes Green telling a woman to get ready to meet him in Atlantic City because he got a job and saved enough money for their tickets.

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