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The Footloose Musical

Caption: Leading stars, Ben Avriett and Eve Anton, hold their hand up high in celebration during one of the most crucial scenes in the show. Other characters dance around them as the students make the decision to rebel against the town’s no dancing law. Picture Credits: @Benavriett on Instagram

On April 18-20, Plant Theatre Company put their version of the musical Footloose on stage. Footloose details the story of a teenager, Ren McCormack, and his mother. The story follows the pair as they move from the big city of Chicago to a small town called Bomont after Ren’s father abandons them. Upon arriving at the city, Ren finds himself at war with many of its inhabitants and their rules, specifically their rule outlawing dancing.

Plants’ adaptation of Footloose featured a plethora of well-known songs, including “Everybody Cut Footloose” and “Hero.” The show also featured a wide range of grade levels, including senior Ben Avriett, who played the show’s lead, Ren McCormack, and junior Olivia Haynes, who played the role of Vi Moore, the hardheaded reverend’s wife.

“It was a lot of long days; we’ve been working on the show since late January,” shared Haynes, reflecting on the process of preparing and starring in the production. Haynes, a long-time participant in theatre, has always had a passion for performing. Her commitment to Plant Theatre Company and her involvement in Plants acapella group “Pawcappella” showcase her diverse talents and dedication to the arts.

Haynes is only one of the unique souls that make up Plant Theatre Company. Another talented and enthusiastic member is senior Ben Avriett. Avriett began his theatre career young, breaking through at a theatre summer camp. Since then, He has been dedicated to his craft and is choosing to continue theatre in college at the University of Alabama.

When asked about his experience, Avriett shared, “The prep for Footloose was intense, but it was also a lot of fun.” Despite the rigorous preparation for his starring role, Avriett’s enthusiasm and enjoyment were evident. “My favorite part about being in the production was definitely getting to play such a fun and outgoing character. This production was a blast, and definitely my favorite production I’ve done at Plant”.

Apart from the captivating acting and glorious singing, the production featured a great use of props and a beautiful set design. Here at Plant our very own students take a leading role in the lighting, set, and many other things behind the curtain. One of the students central to the creation of Plant Theatres shows is Drew Romero. Romero will be continuing his participation in theatre at Ithaca College, where he is majoring in Technical Theatre.

Despite the long and challenging process of creating ‘Footloose,’ the show was a resounding success, exceeding audience expectations. Junior Hartley Heuchan shared, “The singing was really good, and it exceeded my expectations. The song where the two moms and Ariel sang together gave me goosebumps; it was truly an amazing show from start to finish”.

Overall, Plant Theatre Company put on a show to remember and created much excitement for their productions that are coming next year.

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