New water ride opens this spring


Erce Phillips

Colossal Curl is the first ride at Adventure Island with a wave wall and a funnel. The new ride opens March 7.

Robby Killette, Online Editor in Chief

Adventure Island revamped its arsenal of rides over the winter. Colossal Curl will be introduced as the amusement park’s newest ride this spring.

Colossal Curl is the tallest ride at the park at 70 feet tall and lasting about 40 seconds long. Composed of 235,000 pounds of steel and 2.6 million pounds of concrete and having a zero G wave wall and a funnel with a 24 foot diameter makes the ride stand out compared to other attractions.

It will be replacing the Gulf Scream which was located in the center of the park on its own island.

In an attempt to make the ride more family oriented, two to four people can ride on the translucent rafts at once.  Instead of carrying your raft up all 114 steps to the top of the attraction, the rafts are carried up on a conveyor.

Vice President of Adventure Island, Rusty Keene said “There will be lots of screaming, but good screaming.”

The park reopens this spring on March 7.“

There will be lots of screaming, but good screaming.”

— Rusty Keene