Plant hosts AP Art Show

Alexis Perno, Staff Writer

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Stacy Rosende hosted the very first AP Art Show in the cafeteria Friday, April 7.

“Since this is an AP class, the students develop their own objectives in class and meet their own individually set goals,” Rosende said.

She hopes to continue this and expand the event further, seeing as the group has won national awards and has been showcased around the city, but their talent is not spread around the school.

The mediums in this exhibit varied and were part of the student’s art portfolios: everything from sculptures, paintings, and photography was displayed. This also allowed for experimentation with new concepts and ideas.

“I really like the looseness of watercolor paint- I felt like as an artist I had to open myself up,” Danielle Nutter said. She has been trying out new things with watercolors and the “vortex of portrait” as she puts it.

Senior Marisa Stratton has also been experimenting with mediums.

“Charcoal is my favorite medium,” Stratton said.  She explained how her first piece represents “growth after loss or pain.”

Stratton is an example how it’s never too late to take risks with her second piece, a terracotta sculpture, as it is her first year doing 3D art.

Rosende agrees in her speech addressing the entire art show, saying how art is “a creative endeavor- you have to take risks, address failure, and have growth come out of that.”

Lily Antilla, who created the largest piece at the show found Rosende’s statement to be true, letting the idea for her painting run free. She was inspired by expressionism and the human body

“It took me a while to get to this place, but once I found my idea I just ran with it,” Antilla said.

Principal Rob Nelson also attended the Art Show and expressed his appreciation of the arts.

“I thought it was amazing. We have very talented students… and it’s great to tie [the art show] in with the musical.”

Additionally, he remarks how in his 10 years of being principal that “the arts program is at its strongest,” and has peaked.

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