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News briefs to start the week of Sept. 25

Graham Hill, Staff Writer

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Olympics will return to Los Angeles

The International Olympic Committee announced that the 2028 Olympics will be hosted in Los Angeles.  

After Los Angeles tried and failed to host in 2012 and 2016, they were not even posed as a United States candidate for 2024.  

The 2028 Olympics will make Los Angeles one of only three cities to have hosted the Olympics three times, the others being Paris (which will host the 2024 games) and London.  

Los Angeles defeated other notable cities such as Rome and Budapest to win the honor of hosting the games.  

“I’m excited that we are hosting the Olympics,” senior Alyssa Stern said. “I feel that it brings the country together.”

Cassini Probe Destroyed

NASA’s Cassini probe intentionally destroyed itself by crashing into Saturn. The probe, launched in 1997, took high quality photos of many of Saturn’s moons and orbited the planet itself for a time.  

NASA intentionally crashed the probe as it did not have enough fuel left to return to Earth or perform any meaningful missions.  

NASA also theorizes that some of Saturn’s moons may have conditions that support life, and did not want the probe to bring potentially harmful Earth bacteria to the moons if it were to crash into one of them.  

“It made sense to crash it,” freshman Tristan Aikman said. “It’s good that now it won’t be able to cause problems for future spacecraft.”

New iPhones Announced

Apple announced its three newest iPhones recently. The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 plus will begin shipping on Sept. 22. The iPhone X will begin shipping on Nov. 3.  

Some new features for the iPhone X include facial recognition to unlock the phone, camera improvements and a better processor. The iPhone 8 and 8 plus, along with the X, are able to support wireless charging.  

For old school users, it is still possible to charge with a wire. 

“They’re just like the iPhone 6,” sophomore Roberto Rodriguez said. “They’re only bigger and more expensive.” 


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Hurricane Maria forms in the Caribbean

Just over a week after Hurricane Irma caused havoc in the Caribbean and caused power outages across much of Florida, another storm is moving to threaten the same areas. Hurricane Maria was upgraded to hurricane status on Sept. 17 and not long after became a category five hurricane.  

It made landfall in Dominica as a category five and caused extensive damage there. The storm also hit Puerto Rico, knocking out almost all power on the island. The storm is currently projected to not hit the mainland United States. 

“[If it hits us] I hope we don’t lose power again,” junior Maria Forale said. 

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News briefs to start the week of Sept. 25