Life in Colors

Dean Criser, Featured Writer

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I heard the good lord calling
Like a mind bending dream
You were standing there
Dressed in yellow and green
Light flashed off the glass
Like a blast in the light
Reflecting off the carousel
Like a song from a kite

I heard the war lord calling
Like a mind blowing scene
You were lying there
Drenched in reds and means
Light rang off the past
Like a shot in the night
Belayed off the bannister
Like a lung from a knife

I heard the poor lord calling
Like a far fetched dream
You were crying there
Waters like blues in streams
Light sang from the organ
Like an old crippled blight
Rocking from the violin
Like a cold twisted wright

I heard the old lord calling
Like a eye blinding scene
You were dying there
Withering in purples and dreams
Light faded from my vision
Like a man losing sight
Rolling from my gaze
Like a dirge in the night