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News briefs week of Jan. 9

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

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Trump’s plan to end the DACA program halted by federal judge.

U.S. District Judge William Alsurp has halted the Trump Administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. President Donald Trump looked to end DACA, which protected young immigrants. While the court is still determining whether or not ending DACA is constitutional, the program will continue to remain in effect, allowing recipients to remain in the country while their two years of employment eligibility progresses.

“I do not think it should end,” junior Riley Munson said. “The issues President Obama tried to fix will all be gone…DACA allows immigrants to have a safer home.”

Those in favor of ending DACA claim that President Obama exceeded his use of the executive branch by creating the program and that it never fully passed through Congress. Those against ending the program claim that the young immigrants protected by the act could face “irreparable harm”, according to Time Magazine.

For the time being, DACA still stands, but the court will decide whether or not the program is here to stay.

Written by Ava Nelson and quotes by Isabella Ank

Florida excluded from offshore drilling plan

President Trump’s plan to open up the Floridian coast to oil rigs has been opposed by Gov. Rick Scott. Gov. Scott claimed that protecting Florida’s natural resources was his “number one priority”, according to NBC.

Florida drives on tourism for their beaches and oil rigs could potentially disrupt the tourism business. Scott, however, is not the only governor expressing concern over the oil plan. Like Gov. Scott, the governors of Maryland and South Carolina also opposed the plan.

“I’m happy that our beautiful coast won’t be disrupted by oil rigs,” freshman Megan Heller said.

The Eastern Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean of Florida will be safe from new oil rigs being set up. Interior secretary Ryan Zinke announced the oil drilling plan that stretches across the Atlantic, Pacific, and even Arctic oceans.

The plan was immediately met with disproval, and is now blocked in Florida. Florida beaches will remain the same, without the view of new oil rigs.

Written by Ava Nelson

All-Star Game to Join Gasparilla Festivities

The All-Star Game will be on the leading Gasparilla pirate ship this year to start the annual parade.

This will provide a bridge from the National Hockey League to one of Tampa’s most famous events and is expected to give the parade more publicity and excitement.

“…I do think it will create a sense of pride for the Lightning since people will be proud that their home team was able to get the trophy,” senior Gabby Whitley said.

In addition to featuring the grand trophy, several NHL executives will also be aboard the ship, one of them being Steve Mayer, the executive vice president. Although the NHL executives will be dressed for the occasion in pirate gear, the Cup will remain in its state of polished silver with no decorations.

Written by Clio Bruno and quotes by Isabella Ank

Protests in Iran lead to arrests

Roughly 3,700 people were arrested during recent anti-government protests in Iran, one of the country’s lawmakers claimed on Tuesday.

Officials originally believed that the number of protesters would fail to exceed 1,000. In reality, the nationwide demonstrations gained the support of about 42,000 Iranians. The protest was six days long and there were 40 to 60 students arrested with 21 deaths.

“[The government] could’ve negotiated with the protesters and tried to reach a compromise,” sophomore Spencer Brooas said.

The Iranian parliament’s news agency has claimed that an accurate count cannot be published immediately due to many different security organizations making the arrests.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Jan. 9 that the country had struggled for 40 years against attacks on “the revolution” which involved a coup against the Pahlavi dynasty and the subsequent installation of an Iranian republic.

Written by Gabriella Menegazzi and quotes by Isabella Ank

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