News briefs to start the week of Dec. 4

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News briefs to start the week of Dec. 4

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Graham Hill, Staff Writer

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U.S. Embassy to Move to Jerusalem

President Trump announced on Dec. 6 that the United States would be moving its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The announcement came as a shock to many nations as the move goes against years of international policy on the sensitive subject of Israel. The United States is the first country to move their embassy to Jerusalem, formally recognizing it as the capital of Israel.

Jerusalem has been a focal point for conflict between Israeli and Palestinian inhabitants of the region, and several solutions have been tried over the years, including having the city under direct United Nations control or splitting the city into Palestinian and Israeli halves.

“I feel it would be a misstep for America,” said freshman Tristan Aikman. “This is just too abrupt, and there are many more diplomatic ways of going about [moving the embassy].”

Some members of the United Nations Security Council object to the move and a resolution has been drafted that, if passed, could void any attempt to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Tax Bill Pushed Through in Congress

Tax reform bill has recently been passed after an arduous fight in the Senate. The bill is a massive change to United States tax code, lowering the taxes on many different groups, but mainly for businesses. A lower tax rate for businesses has been something both the left and right have been able to agree on. The United States has a tax rate of 35% on businesses; among the highest in the world.

“It is a façade to cover all of the underlying problems with Trump’s administration,” said sophomore Karishma Rana. “Taxes are necessary for improvement and lowering them lowers the budget for education and other programs that are needed for a prosperous future.”

The bill was passed with zero Democratic votes, although many Republicans, including President Trump, have said the bill will help grow America’s economy through its tax cuts.

Cool Weather Over Florida

Florida has had uncharacteristically cold weather leading into the Christmas season. It snowed for the first time in years along the Florida border, and temperatures got as low as 50 degrees in Key West.

This cold and dry weather is part of a winter weather system moving across the entire deep south.

“It’s been a nice change,” said junior Katie Valenti. “I don’t mind it.”

In a state with average lows of 65 degrees in the winter, some places dipped as low as the 40s. The cold front was short-lived and normal winter weather quickly returned to Florida.