National Honors Society Sponsors Mural

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National Honors Society Sponsors Mural

Alexis Perno, News Editor

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A mural was painted by the South Hall entrance nearest the vending machines and turtle pond. The National Honors Society of 2017–18 approved the funding for the mural, while faculty sponsor Tamara Phillips helped brainstorm the design.  

“I’ve always thought South Hall needed some color,” Phillips said. “The hall seemed sad before and now it looks happy. The hall was beige on beige with an accent of beige; it needed color. I didn’t like walking that hallway before and now I look forward to it.” 

While students weren’t involved, Phillips employed Heather Walton from Tampa Murals to paint.  

“I’ve had the idea for years,” Phillips said. “I’ve worked at Plant for 24 years and I want to be part of keeping it attractive for the students and staff. The artist, Heather, came up with some of the details on her own. I gave the big ideas and she really made it come to life.”  

The mural took Walton two and a half weeks while working four days a week to paint.  

“I think the artwork is truly amazing,” sophomore Jordan Moody said. “Being an artist myself, I can tell the project took time to create.”  

The mural, which imitates the postcard-styled one in Downtown Tampa, depicts sports, service clubs, three honor clubs and other activities such as chorus and JROTC.  

“I like [the mural],” junior Cal Richards said. “I think it shows the diversity of the clubs and groups at Plant and how they come together.” 

Phillips hopes to add more paintings to the school. 

“I’m hoping the West Wing upstairs will get a painting of the crest, but I still need administration’s approval,” Phillips said. “The small entry from South Hall leading out to the patio needs something, too.” 

With the proposition of additional art, some students are in favor of decorating the school. 

“I think [the mural] was a good idea,” senior Daniel Fernandez said. “I like seeing more art represented around school.”  

To other students, the painting shows campus unity.   

“It’s pretty artsy,” freshman Reese Friar said. “I thought it was pretty cool and I thought it represents our school as a family.” 

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