Teachers school students

Jesseca Sands , Features Editor

The head-to-head basketball game between students and teachers was one of the biggest attractions of the school year, but students were disappointed after a loss to the teachers.

To relieve the pregame tension, Bush told his team a knock knock joke. Knock knock. Who’s there? Second place. Second place who? Exactly. “Sadly, my theory didn’t work and we were defeated.” Bush said. With the fear of losing, the students sent in their coaches to play, hoping they would provide the team with some points.

This year the teachers beat the students 47-30. The game was held on March 5 in the gym. Senior Committee created a list of possible students eligible to play, and their peers voted to choose the final lineup of students for the game. The teachers however volunteer to participate.

“It was fun although the teachers took a lot of cheap shots,” Maggie Ganther, junior, said. Ganther was the girl’s leading scorer .“I had a lot of pressure on me. It was hard to do but we gave it our all even though we lost. Overall I am happy with the way we played. It was fun although the teachers took a lot of cheap shots,” Ganther said. Throughout the game the drum line tried to distract the teachers by beating on the drum just as they were taking a shot.

The head coaches for the students, seniors Richard Bush and Andrew Sanders, remained calm at the beginning of the game, however as the teachers started to increase their lead over them, they grew increasingly frustrated, untying their ties, throwing their hands in the air and pacing up and down the court.

Although some were shocked, many of the teachers saw their victory coming. “It was expected, and it’s all about redemption from last year. We didn’t want to win this year; we wanted to dominate, which is what we did. We won by the end of the first quarter, but the students put up a good fight,” Principal Rob Nelson said.