NOPE task force teaches sophomores consequences of drug usage

Isabella Ank, Co-Print Editor in Chief

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Sophomores attended a presentation hosted by Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education (NOPE) Task Force on Oct. 8. This presentation sought to warn students about the dangers and consequences of drug usage.  

The NOPE presentation was first shown in 2002 in Palm Beach County, where rates of overdose attributed deaths were growing quickly. Two years later, the NOPE Task Force became an official organization, traveling around the country to educate students about the effects of narcotics.  

“I don’t think [the presentation] should have been mandatory because they should’ve included trigger warnings,” sophomore Sophia Emonds said. Emonds voiced her concern for a lack of trigger warnings due to certain images shown at the presentation, such as that of a dead body.  

Besides learning facts about the issue, sophomores also listened to personal stories of substance abuse victims. These stories were told by the mothers of said victims. One such story was shared by Dawn Golden, whose daughter Katie Golden attended Plant High School before passing away from a heroin overdose. 

“When she shared Katie’s story it brought back a lot of memories to me because me and Katie were friends growing up,” senior Gabi Tishler said. “I hope that her being brave and sharing Katie’s story will prevent it from happening again.”  

According to the Central Florida Behavioral Health Network, there were 229 drug related deaths in Hillsborough County last year. To report a suspected overdose, call 911 immediately.

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