Teams work together for others

Hartley Hill, Staff Writer

Various teams came together to volunteer at the Gasparilla Distance Classic Feb. 23-24 along Bayshore Boulevard. 

“I like being with my tennis team handing out waters, and I got inspired to run,” sophomore Ellery Van Aelst said. “Our team had a bonding experience and got closer when we had to clean up at the end and get those cups picked up.” 

The boys and girls track team, girls lacrosse and girls tennis participated in distributing medals and cups of water to runners in order to raise money for their teams. 

“My favorite part was the way the runners appreciated us being there,” said freshman Pearson Heim, who volunteered with the track team. “It was fun to do something for others. I liked when someone would run by looking dead and then we would pour water on them and they would thank us.” 

At the crack of dawn, each team began completing various tasks such as repeatedly filling and stacking water cups, distributing medals, handing out water, cleaning the roads and handling trash.  

“It was challenging because there were so many people,” sophomore track runner Garrett Schlossnagle said. “I had to run back to get the medals and then run to give them out.” 

Teams began working as early as 4:30 a.m. and worked until as late as 11:30 a.m. 

“I was tired because I got two hours of sleep, and it was really hard because my arm hurt,” Van Aelst said.