Listen to your heart

New Bachelor show to give excitement and relief during quarantine


Michelle Tutor

The new Bachelor show “Listen to Your Heart” focuses on single men and women that have a passion for music and are seeking love. The show premiered Monday, Apr. 13.

Hartley Hill, Copy Editor

The new Bachelor show, “Listen to Your Heart,” premiered Monday, Apr. 13, giving all Bachelor fans two hours of excitement and solace in the middle of this quarantine. The show features 20 single men and women who all have two things in common: they have found a love for music but are still looking for love.  

I like how much the show is like “Bachelor in Paradise.” With balanced amounts of men and women, interesting drama is bound to occur throughout this season as couples pair off, so “Listen to Your Heart” will surely provide us with the entertainment we are all craving. Just the sight of Chris Harrison at the beginning of the show was such a sigh of relief during quarantine.  

So far, I am not a huge fan of the selection of contestants. They are all musicians, but all work in diverse genres of music, making the group a weird blend of mixed personalities. While all 20 men and women are fresh faces to Bachelor nation, just seeing Chris Harrison was enough, especially after the postponing of the filming of 2020 “Bachelor in Paradise.” 

On Monday night, the first batch of musicians met each other for the first time and sparks flew between some. My favorite girl so far, Jamie, had connections with both Ryan and Trevor. Ryan received a date card and took Jamie on it, but Jamie still gave her rose to Trevor in the end. However, another girl, Rudi, thankfully gave her rose to Ryan, saving him from going home so we can anxiously await the playing out of Jamie and Ryan’s relationship. 

I do not completely understand the formatting of the show yet and haven’t formed an opinion on every person since there has only been one episode, but I do know I am already invested in this love triangle between Jamie, Ryan and Trevor and I myself am torn between the two guys. 

Even though I am not crazy about the cast so far, I know I will find my way to my couch every Monday night at 8 p.m. for the new, fresh Bachelor content we are all blessed to have during the boredom of quarantine. Regardless of how this season of “Listen to Your Heart” plays out, I think all Bachelor fanatics are just thankful to have another Bachelor show in their lives. 


Meet this season’s cast of “Listen to Your Heart” below! 

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