Contrapoints Analysis


Natalie Wynn spends her days putting on intricate costumes and creating picture perfect sets for her YouTube videos. Her content ranges from body dysphoria to Twitter cancel culture.

Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor

Natalie Wynn, a 32-year-old influencer on YouTube, is known best for her strikingly informative videos served with glitz and glamour and visual euphoria. According to an interview she had with the Baltimore Sun, her goal was to juxtapose intellectually based arguments with over-the-top bravado to debunk misinformation and educate the masses while keeping them entertained — perhaps changing a mind or two along the way.” 

Natalie spent her early years as a student at Berklee College of Music, a scraggly teen from Virginia, trying to make it in the streets of Boston. Before she created content on YouTube for a living, she spent her days teaching piano, driving for Uber, and worked as a paralegal for a time after receiving a degree at her second college, Northwestern University. Unsurprisingly, she pursued philosophy, and often uses that knowledge now in her content on YouTube 

I discovered her about a month ago and have been entranced in her perspectives of the pop culture and political spheres. She offers a personal perspective to certain social justice issues on account of experiencing life as transgender woman, and often shows self-awareness to this tainting her views. In her video titled “Incels she gave her own unique insight of understanding these self-proclaimed involuntary celibates while also experiencing the misogyny she has had as a woman on the other end of the hate. Her multifaceted experiences provide her videos individuality because they address own selfesteem issues before she transitioned. 

Something that is entrancing about Wynn is how harmless she comes off. I do not hold many extreme political views, but her presentation and thorough research helps me understand a new level of understanding on subject matters. In her video entitled “Shame she comes to terms with her own sexuality and comes out as a lesbian. Her feelings of pain and shame were very comforting to me, because although we do not have the same situations or label ourselves in the same way, feeling scared of how society portrays you is a universally understood feeling. I think anyone who is struggling, especially with their womanhood or their sexuality, can see her and this video specifically as a breath of relief.  

One thing I must admire about her is her tact. She has some rather radically left perspectives, but I believe, no matter your political ideology, you can sit through her videos without too much moral confliction. While she is a critic of staple republican values including capitalism, the nuclear family, etc. She presents her claims with reliable evidence and a frankness that is, in my opinion, a breath of fresh air.  

In a world full of political correctness just for the sake of political correctness, it feels wonderful to find a content creator that cares about what they are saying and why they are saying it. She does not preach what is right and just, but merely picks apart why things are right and just. She will not expect you to simply submit to what society tells you is right but gives actual evidence and commentary on the subject.  

I honestly believe that a lot of people get exhausted with each other in political settings because no one can seem to see past their own anecdotal evidence. As someone who is friends with socialists, liberals, moderates and republicans alike, what blinds people the most is their reflex emotion of judgement. No one wants to believe there are two sides to a story, and Wynn knows it too. She doesn’t create content for communities that already agree with her but gives a firm and insightful analysis based on her own life to harvest toleration and respect between many who reject her, and people like her.