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Julia Wolfe

Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor

Julia Wolfe is the 2020-2021 opinions section editor. She is often seen outside school hallways with her earbuds in and middle finger up, because she’s consumed by her individuality complex and teen angst. She often sits and writes in her journal, listening to music like Frank Ocean or Willow, to really accentuate how much she likes women. She plans to go and live on the west coast as soon as she graduates, because she can’t handle all the Florida men she keeps witnessing on the news. In ten years, you’ll probably see her on the news for earning the Guiness World record of owning the most Corgi’s in the entire world.

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From Kathleen Hanna, who coined “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for Nirvana’s most popular song, to Toby Vail, co-creator of zine Bikini Kill, the Riot Grrrl movement is led by spectacularly strong women. In the early 1990’s, all-female punk bands started to pop up in Washington and specifically Olympia.

Subgenre Studies: Riot Grrrl  

Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor
April 28, 2021
Walking through Central Avenue Historic District, murals line the walls. The murals are a tool to help revitalize the area.

A walk down artistry lane 

Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor
April 9, 2021
Spread across the table, these tasty treats have one thing in common: they are coated in Everything but the Bagel seasoning. Over the past few years, this seasoning has taken off and delighted the mouths of people all over the US.

Everything but the Bagel Bliss

Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor
April 6, 2021
Dreampop is a genre of music that was most popular in the early nineties. Modern artists that fall under this genre include M83, Beach House and Grimes.

Subgenre studies: Dreampop

Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor
March 24, 2021
Natalie Wynn spends her days putting on intricate costumes and creating picture perfect sets for her YouTube videos. Her content ranges from body dysphoria to Twitter cancel culture.

Contrapoints Analysis

Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor
March 3, 2021
Pop singer, Poppy, and artistic partner, Titanic Sinclair, were outed by Mars Argo for copying. Mars Argo released a statement after years of silence explaining that Poppy copied her persona on YouTube.

Mars Argo vs. Poppy

Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor
January 21, 2021
Biomedical companies around the world are racing to get past the yellow tape of safety regulation. Moderna has released information about their tests, and essential workers have been able to receive vaccinations.

The race for a vaccine

Julia Wolfe, Opinion Editor
December 17, 2020
Ever since the 900’s, Halloween has been a holiday filled with superstitions and linked to death. Since then, it has developed a rich history and developed into a wonderful day of self-expression and carved out pumpkins.

Halloween: A History

Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor
October 29, 2020
Lecturing in class, Christie Rainbeau explains about the different layers of skin. After 10 years, Friday, Oct. 9 was Rainbeaus last day teaching at Plant High School.

The End of the Rainbeau 

Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor
October 15, 2020
In the wake of COVID-19, people have found various interactive ways to keep in touch with friends and family from afar; this includes Google slides.

Digital connection

Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor
April 16, 2020
Signs in hands, the varsity team spells out Plant. Sophomore Zoe Hamlin explained that the team’s motivation is to hit their routine, where they make no mistakes throughout the performance.

[Photo] All cheers

March 5, 2020
Looking down, junior Davis O’Malley attempts to steal the ball from his opponent. O’Malley has been on the team for three years.

Doing it for kicks: boys soccer

Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor
February 28, 2020
Looking up into the camera, main character Victoria (Francesca Hayward) sings in the movie adaptation of Cats. Airing in theaters in December, it was extremely unsuccessful, losing millions of dollars at the box office, as well as being pulled from its Oscar campaign with Universal Pictures. Photo courtesy of


Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor
February 5, 2020
Pom-poms in hand, freshman Bella Guerra chants with the rest of her team at the cheer competition held in the Robinson gymnasium. The girls competed against other Hillsborough county teams, ranked based on difficulty and execution.

Cheer competes, earns conference spot

Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor
January 30, 2020
Back again after a year and a half hiatus, the Netflix original “The End of the F***ing World” reached viewers with its second season on Nov. 5, 2019. The series was created based upon a comic created by Charles Forsman.

The end of the world, again

Julia Wolfe, Staffer
December 11, 2019
Leaning back, freshman Brenden Sickles moves parallel to an opponent. Sickles plays as a forward and scored his first official goal at the game against Mitchell.

Purple Pride

November 19, 2019
While competing with varsity golf, junior Isabelle McLeod smiles during the tournament. McLeod joined golf her freshman year.

[Photo] Talk birdie to me

November 15, 2019
Jumping in the air, sophomore Reese Friar and seniors Elizabeth Price and Birdie Frierson celebrate after a score. The victory against Windermere meant the team won regional semi-finals.

All out, all season

Julia Wolfe, Staffer
November 21, 2019
Performing the butterfly move, sophomore Emma Zientara practices at the New Level Dance company. Emma practices there a few days every week.

Falling through fabric

Julia Wolfe, Staffer
November 5, 2019
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