Kicking it up a notch: boys soccer

Boys soccer makes it to state championship


Hartley Hill

After winning the district championship Feb. 10, members of the boys soccer team embrace each other as they walk off the field. The boys made it to the state championship this season.

Salena Kahassai, News Editor

 The boys soccer team fell to Gulf Coast High School in the state championship game, ending their season with an 18-4-1 record. 

“It was a pretty nice season considering we only lost 3 times,” sophomore Adán McGlynn said. “Every game was something to look forward to during the post season and each win was exciting. Even though we didn’t win, going to states was still a great experience.” 

The team had high hopes from the start of the season and throughout. Junior Hunter Jones said the expectations they set helped keep the momentum going as they advanced through the season. 

“Going into the season, the team’s expectation was to win states,” Jones said. “Our team captains set that expectation from the very first practice and before every game. After district finals, I was a little nervous because I knew we would be playing harder teams. At the same time, knowing how good our team is and how long we’ve played together, I was excited to play and make history for Plant soccer. 

Although the team lost to Newsome 4-0 in the regular season, they were able to pull out a 2-1 win during regionals, advancing them further into the post season. 

“My favorite memory from this season was when the final whistle blew against Newsome at regional semifinals,” junior Otis Wildman said. “We lost to them before during our regular season, so it felt good to get revenge.” 

Senior Mitchell Voelker said he was fond of this season because it was his senior year. Voelker, as well as fellow senior Davis O’Malley worked as the team captains this season.  

It was the best year of my four years on the team because I got the opportunity to lead the team as a captain,Voelker said. Our goal for the season was to win states, and we made it to the state finals which is the farthest playoff run we’ve had. 

Jones, as well as his teammates, is looking to next year and is hopeful that they’ll pull off a state championship win. 

“The future is bright for Plant soccer,” Jones said. “Next year we will have almost a full starting lineup of seniors, and a talented group of underclassmen. After coming so close this year, the team had already set their expectations of winning the state championship next year and we believe it is a very attainable goal.”