The Shaler Cup stays at Plant


Sophia Gray

Junior Turner Ashby chases down his opponent in hopes of causing a turnover for his team. Ashby plays a significant role regarding Plant’s winning record and has recently committed to the Air Force Academy to continue his lacrosse career.

Plant defeated Jesuit with a score of 8-4 on April 8. The game was held at Plant, the night before Plant’s prom.   

“Going into the annual Plant Jesuit lacrosse game, we knew there was a lot at stake. We had to make sure that the Shaler cup and bragging rights stay at Plant for at least another year,” senior Mason Miller said. “It was a great experience being able to play in front of hundreds of students/parents; it was surreal knowing that this was my last ever time playing against friends and foes that I have grown up playing lacrosse with. My favorite part was running toward the fans at the end and cheering.”

Sophomore Matthew Sayer scored three goals during the game.   

“I would just say that the atmosphere was insane,” Sophomore Matthew Sayer said. “After each goal, regardless of if it was mine or not, the crowd went crazy, and it just gave the team a ton of confidence. We fed off of that energy all night, and all I could think when I scored was this is the coolest thing that I’ve been a part of at Plant.”

Plant’s student section was packed as many came to support and watch this rivalry go down.

“Whenever Plant Gold Rush comes to the game, the whole environment changes. The energy they create for us at lacrosse games is crazy, and we always love showing out for the students,” Junior Truman Rustman said. “Against Jesuit, we were all just waiting for the last couple minutes to end so we could run out to the rush and celebrate with them.”