Taylor Swift Announces New Album


Giada Moralejo

At the 2022 VMA’s Taylor Swift announced a new album. The album will be titled Midnight, read more about the release and students’ opinions below.

Giada Moralejo, Social Media Manager

Taylor Swift has been collecting VMA’s for years. Her most recent one was for her short film All too Well. On August 28th, Swift took her VMA speech to the next level and announced a new album.    

The album is titled Midnight and is set to be released on October 21st and has 13 songs. The announcement excited fans everywhere, but they still wanted more. Junior Charlotte Witherspoon, a big fan of Taylor Swift, said, “I hope she releases a song before the album drops to set the vibe and pace of the album.”    

No one knows for sure what this new album will entail. Swift has gone through a wide variety of genres over the years. “I think it will be a mix between 1989 and folklore. It will have a New York aesthetic but will be slower,” explained Witherspoon, “they will be more meaningful and deep.” Her last albums have been gentler than her previous work, but Swift often changes her pace. Another junior, Lucy Losson, thinks “it will be something different because she has been experimenting with different genres, and her last couple albums have been something different.” Still agreeing it will be like 1989, with a more upbeat tone.   

Since the new album was announced, Taylor Swift has dropped four designs of vinyl and CDs.

All of which you can pre-order on her website