Seniors explore post-graduation alternatives

The Game of Life

Seniors have begun preparations for whatever path they have elected to take for their next step towards a career after graduation in May. While many students have moved towards the path of a four-year university, some have chosen different routes, particularly involving attending trade school or community colleges, enlisting in the military or moving directly into a career.

“A friend of mine told me about UCF and their great engineering program, so it was down to that and the other Florida schools,” Chad Wynne, senior said. “What boiled down to it was that it was a big campus, but quiet at the same time, the campus is gorgeous, and the school has a very promising future as a whole.”

While some have decided to stay in-state, other students have chosen to explore opportunities outside of Florida.

“I chose Auburn because it’s a great school and has great education for my intended major, and even though it’s a smaller school, it has that large-campus SEC feel to it, and I really love that about it.” Connor Welsh, senior, said.

Although many seniors will attend college in the fall to decide what to do after school, some students have decided to join the United States Military.

Chase Rumbley, senior, will be joining the ROTC program at Florida Atlantic University and major in marine science in order to join the U.S. Army Reserves as an officer after graduating.

“I’ll be able to travel the world and help people who aren’t able to help themselves, which is why I joined the program.” Rumbley said.

Community colleges and Trade schools offer students the gain a college-level education, but with a much more localized approach that focuses on preparing students for careers.

Also, community college education may soon be free throughout the nation with a proposed plan from President Obama.

“I plan on studying business for a year at HCC and then transferring to Florida Gulf Coast University after that to continue.” Mark Melamud, senior said.

In addition, students who attend at least a year of community college in Florida may transfer to any state university upon the end of their term.