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Meg Barrett, Centerspread Editor

Meg is an 80s movie enthusiast and tries not to take herself too seriously. She is also reasonably short and horrendous at folding clothes and showing up on time. She’s pretty useless. But what Meg lacks in neatness and punctuality, she makes up for in her mad journalism skillz. She is a senior at Plant and the Centerspread Editor on the Pep O’ Plant. She has been regrettably uninvolved with things other than working on the newspaper thus far in her high school career, and she is also a rabid fan of James Franco, much to the annoyance of her peers. The picture above is from when she (on the right) met her favorite band, Relient K, and then was so overwhelmed, she proceeded to cry for approximately two hours. Meg’s freshman year, she consistently went down the wrong staircase at school and found herself completely and utterly lost in a sea of people significantly taller than her. Fast forward to today, and the exact same thing is likely to happen. You can expect her autobiography, The Chronicles of a Total Losernerd, in bookstores next fall
. Not really. #TeamOxfordComma

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Meg Barrett