Volleyball defeats Newsome

Hartley Hill, Copy Editor

The volleyball team hosted Newsome High School in their first home game of the season Thursday, Aug. 29 in the gym. They defeated Newsome 3-0. 

“These guys have never played them before, so we didn’t really know what to expect,” head coach Vanja Todorovic said. “The game plan was basically just to go in prepared and have fun.” 

Dominating the first set, the girls started the match with an 25-16 win in the first set.  

“The expectation was just to go in and play hard,” Todorovic said. “We executed on the game plan we had before the game itself and we did we tried working in everybody.” 

Possession in the second set was volleyed back and forth, but the Panthers still came out on top with a close score of 25-23. They kept this winning momentum in the third set as well, closing the match with a final 25-17 score in the last set. 

“I think we all played really well and the game was so much fun and it was so cool to have so many people there for our first home game of the season,” junior Georgia Lowe said. 

The girls had lost two matches before playing Newsome, so this was their first win of the season. After more matches over Labor Day weekend, the volleyball team now has a record of 4-4. 

“I think the team did very well and didn’t give up especially when we were down in the second set,” Todorovic said. “They had to trust and believe in themselves. With regards to what we need to improve on, we just need to have a little more fun when we’re playing and enjoy it a little more because it’s the beginning of the season.” 

The team will play next Monday, Sept. 9 at home against Palm Harbor University. 

“I think the new players have come together very well with the rest if the team, and I am really happy that they are all there,” Todorovic said. “We are looking forward to a great season.”