Your new favorite Netflix binge

‘Outer Banks’ fulfills quarantine entertainment


Lily Riopelle

Staffer comments on newly released show on Netflix titled ‘Outer Banks’

Hartley Hill, Copy Editor

The new Netflix original series, “Outer Banks” came out Apr. 15 and has quickly climbed to the No. 2 show on Netflix and my top five favorite TV shows. 

This show is the perfect new show to binge during quarantine; you might even finish the whole season in less than 24 hours like I did with my mom. The first ten minutes will hook you, and from there the plenty of car chases and plot twists will keep you on the edge of your seat for all ten episodes. 

“Outer Banks” takes place in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where society is split into two classes where romance and feuds brew. First there are the “Pogues,” or the working class, where the main character, John B, and his friends live unsupervised. The “Kooks” are the wealthy and hate the Pogues, creating a whirl of adult and teen drama between the two neighborhoods. 

The show centers on a teenage boy, John B (Chase Stokes), who enlists his three friends to search for a legendary treasure linked to his father’s disappearance. They soon realize that there are other people out for this treasure to that are willing to do whatever it takes, even kill, to find it.  

Add in surfing, boats, teen love and drama, fights, guns and one of the most attractive casts ever and you have “Outer Banks.” The adventure and beach parties were enough to make me crave summer living on the Outer Banks. 

I can’t find a flaw in the series except that there wasn’t more. Thankfully, the season ended on a cliff hanger, which leaves hope for a season two somewhere in the future. 

Whether you keep watching because of the thrill of the treasure hunt or the romance and drama, I bet you will not be able to resist pressing that “play next episode” button at the end of each episode, and I promise you will not regret giving 10 hours of your quarantine time to binging “Outer Banks.”