Valtteri Bottas signs with Alfa Romeo


Avery Owens

Valtteri Bottas has been in Formula 1 since 2013 and is making one of the biggest advances in his career: leaving Mercedes for Alfa Romeo. He signed a multi-year contract with Alfa Romeo and will hopefully bring back the spotlight to the team.

Emma Kuschmeider, Coverage Editor

After five years with the Mercedes Formula 1 team, over the weekend, Valtteri Bottas announced that he would be joining Alfa Romeo in 2022 with a multiyear contract. Before his announcement, legend Kimi Raikkonen declared his retirement from Formula 1 after 20 years, leaving two open spots for drivers to sign with Alfa Romeo.

It’s been clear that Bottas’ contract with Mercedes was coming to an end as promises were thrown around about Mercedes promoting junior driver George Russel of Williams Racing. Bottas has yet so much to prove. With being on the same team as champion Lewis Hamilton, the chance of getting the spotlight in F1 is very hard.

“It’s a new and exciting project for me. To get to the top together — I really can’t wait,” Bottas said. “I will give all my expertise and speed I can for the bright future of this iconic team and brand with an impressive history in motor sports.”

So far, Bottas has 54 podiums, nine wins, and 17 poles and has helped Mercedes win four consecutive constructors’ championships. Bottas sits third in the championship standings after the Dutch Grand Prix, finishing in third place.

”I’m immensely proud to have worked alongside Valtteri Bottas for the last five years,” Hamilton said. ‘Together, we’ve been part of a team that has delivered four Constructors’ Championships, and we’ve motivated one another to keep pushing through the ups and downs. He has been the best teammate I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Your speed and resilience have been impressive but where you truly stand out to me is the human being you are. You are greater than you know, and I know there’s a bright future ahead for you.”