This week on “Grey’s Anatomy”


Sydney Appleton

This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy left fans on the hook. Scroll to learn more about what happened in the latest episode.

This week’s episode began with an M & M conference to discuss an accident that occurred in the prior episode. Levi Schmitt, a senior resident at Grey Sloan, made a surgical mistake that cost a patient their life. Residents, attending physicians, and board members met to discuss how this accident happened and what everyone can do to prevent something like this from happening moving forward. Every surgeon makes mistakes, but this error drew great attention because Dr. Schmitt was the primary surgeon in the OR, even though he is not an attending physician. This is the way of the Weber method, which Dr. Richard Weber introduced recently to Grey Sloan Memorial. Because of the tragedy of the surgery, many doctors have concerns about whether the method is effective and even safe. At the conference, Levi is extremely distraught and depressed. He is not recovering well after losing a patient. 

Moving into the next scene, Owen is seen awake and recovering well from surgery. Teddy begins to question Owen about what happened after she got out of the car because she can sense that something is wrong. Owen continues to refuse to tell his wife that he agreed to give drugs to Noah, along with other veterans. This leaves Teddy extremely frustrated that after twenty years of knowing Owen, he will not tell her the truth.

Next, we meet a patient in the E.R. named Lilah, who is a second-grade science teacher. She complains of knee and leg pain. Doctor Kim and Link are her doctors. Amelia just met with an old patient who has returned to the hospital with ongoing back pain. More details on these patients come later in the story.

Although everyone is dreading it, Cormac makes his final departure from Grey Sloan. His stay in Seattle ended with Teddy questioning him about what happened in the car with Owen. Both Cormac and Owen are still not budging when it comes to telling Teddy what happened with Noah and the other veterans. Cormac’s departure from Seattle is breaking the hearts of many of his colleagues, but everyone knows Ireland is what is best for him and his family.

Then, Megan and Teddy get a chance to catch up. Megan informs her that Farouk is recovering well, and his new heart is working fine. Teddy asks Megan if Owen told her anything that could lead them to an answer about what happened in the car. Of course, Megan has no answer. She comforts Teddy by reminding her that Owen is extremely selfless and that whatever he did was to make someone’s life better.

Back to the patients. Link’s case, whom he was assisted by Dr. Perez, ended up having a foot issue. Before accurately diagnosing her, Link jumped to the conclusion that the leg pain Lilah was having was due to her weight. Perez ended up finding the real cause of this issue, which was certainly not Lilah’s weight. As for Amelia’s patient, her lower back pain ended up being caused by tissue that was growing outside of the uterus. Carina Deluca and Jo Wilson assisted her on this case. After a day of working together, Amelia noticed that something was up with Jo, and the two had a conversation discussing that they cannot let the Link drama get in the way of their work. After that awkward talk, Carina offers Jo some advice on her new “relationship” with Link. She informs Jo that if she loves him that is the only way that their situation can work.

After a long time apart, we see the three sisters together again. Amelia, Maggie, and Meredith give Richard advice on his dilemma with his method. They all apologized to him for not being there when they should have been. After their conversation with Richard, the sisters ran into Nick in the lobby of the hospital. The meeting of their sister’s boyfriend left Amelia and Maggie slightly uncomfortable because the interaction was awkward.

Back at their home, Link and Jo awkwardly set up for dinner and Jo confesses to Link that they cannot have a romantic relationship anymore. This creates some awkwardness for the two. At the hospital, Miranda and Richard get a chance to catch up after many long days. As chief of Grey Sloan, Miranda tells Richard that she is permanently suspending the Webber method.

The episode ends with Teddy finding the wife of a veteran taking a paper bag out of Owen’s car. Teddy demands that she tells her what is in the bag and then the episode ends.

As for leaving us hanging, this episode did just that. Next week on Gray’s Anatomy we will hopefully get answers on what is going on with Owen, as well as find out details on other characters’ lives. 

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