Building Up the Rush


Sophia Gray

With enthusiasm, last year’s Gold Rush cheered on the varsity football team. During the fall on Friday nights, many students join together in support for Plant’s team.

This upcoming Friday, Plant’s Varsity football team will kick off the year with a pre-season game against Wharton. Even though it is not an official game that counts towards the team’s record, Plant’s student body is still taking advantage of the home game and going out to support.  

Seniors Alexandra Gillen and Hyatt Criser are this year’s Gold Rush presidents and are in charge of hyping up all the games to follow. Gold Rush is a club that welcomes all Plant students to join, and their focus is supporting all athletes and sports throughout the year. 

“Friday is the start of something immaculate,” Criser said. “Hundreds of Plant Panthers uniting together and cheering on the gold and black. We will be loud, we will be confident, we will be impeccable, and we will prove to the world that we are the best fans. No Panther stands alone as isolation remains unknown to the black cat because we will stick together through all sorts of weather.” 

With the start of a new season, Gillen and Criser decided to stray from tradition and create new themes for the games. This upcoming Friday, Gold Rush agreed to make the theme construction in order to “build up the rush” for the remainder of the year.   

“I think our class overall is so excited for this season,” Gillen said. “It is our first real full school spirit year and because we are seniors, we get to paint up as well! Hopefully, football lives up to the hype they are getting this year and can secure the win against Wharton.” 

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