Jv Football vs Steinbrenner


Players ran out of the tunnel and prepared to start the game. The final was 65-0, Plant.

On September 23rd, the JV Plant Panthers Football team played against the Steinbrenner Warriors at home. The game started at 7:00 pm succeeding the coin toss, which Steinbrenner won. 

Within the first moments of the game, number 35, sophomore Barrett Jackson, forced a fumble which sophomore Heath Brickman recovered. After a few plays, number 28 made the first score of the game, Plant leading 7-0. During the quarter, Plant scored two more touchdowns, and both extra points. 

“It’s a fun game, being out there with your friends and helping the team,” first-year quarterback Tripp Brown said. “I like being the commander of the team and I’ve been playing it for as long as I can remember.” 

During Quarter Two, Plant scored a punt-return touchdown for number 8, sophomore Benjamin Molina. Later in the game, a defense touchdown is made by Heath Brickman, which brought the end of the first half. 

The second half started with a touchdown by number 2, which is followed a few moments after by a 74-yard touchdown run by number 1, Jamel Walls. At the end of Quarter three, Plant leads 44-0. 

Other first-year quarterback, Aidan Pancholy enlightened on how he felt playing in the second half. “I like throwing the ball and scoring. I like the guys too, they are cool.” 

Finally, in Quarter 4, Pancholy threw a touchdown pass to sophomore, James Raulerson with a few minutes remaining. The final score of the game came to 65-0, Plant. 

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