Uggs Return


Lizzy Breen

UGG shoes have made an undeniable comeback to everyday closets and styles. Many Plant students have loved their return, for the comfort and fashion they provide. Do you have a pair of the sheepskin staples?

The fashion and shoe wear company “UGG” was founded in 1978 by Australian surfer Brian Smith. Since the creation, “UGG” shoes and boots have become a staple fashion piece in many people’s closets. In past years the “UGG Classic Short II” and “Classic Mini II” have held top selling positions on their website. But recently, certain styles have become especially popular, including the “Tasman Slipper,” which retails for $100. Many Plant students have purchased and frequently wear this style slipper for a variety of reasons. Senior Alexandra Gillen owns a pair of “Tasman’s,” and enjoys wearing them to school or around her house.  

“I love my ‘UGG slippers’ because I think they are cute, even though most people don’t agree with me, and because they give me a nice platform. Not to mention they are super comfortable, and I wear them probably more than any other shoes I own,” Gillen says.  

Gillen has been a fan of “UGG” shoes for years now and is excited to see their return to the daily footwear market. However certain students are just recently joining the sheepskin shoe trend. Sophomore Olivia Gray just bought her first pair of “UGG” slippers and has already fallen in love with the comfort and fashion they provide.  

“I think my favorite part about my ‘UGG’s’ is that when you wear them, they feel like clouds on your feet,” said Gray.  

Comfort and fashion can be related, as proved by the opinions of both Gillen and Gray. Gray also has thoughts as to why these shoes have returned to markets full force.  

“I think ‘UGG’s’ are back in style because people like the comfort they provide, and since more celebrities are wearing them as casual shoes, it makes people want to buy them more,” Gray adds.  

The celebrity influence on style trends and wardrobes is undeniable, and the “UGG” comeback is no exception. Will you join the thousands who have rejoined the “UGG” frenzy and buy your own pair? 

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