Special Olympics Event


Bella Johnson

The Special Olympics club posed for a photo at their Publix Awareness Event. The club raised money through donations from shoppers walking by.

On Tuesday January 17th, the Plant High School Special Olympics club met at a local Publix store to raise money and awareness for the athletes by selling torches. The members of Special Olympics showed their support by wearing their club shirts. 

Special Olympics is a club at Plant that allows for Special Educational Students to receive the same opportunities as others by being involved and playing sports. Students from all grades at Plant are in the club to help the Special Ed students have a fun and enjoyable time while having the competitive edge of the games. 

The event was held at the front of Publix on Neptune. The club had a table called “The Torch Table” where people shopping in Publix could make donations to support the club. 

President, Neil Diasti, a junior at Plant, helped run the “Torch Table” along with sponsor, Ms. Renaud, and other members of the club.  

“It was a fun way to raise awareness for the club,” Diasti said. “It was really fun being able to help tell people about Special Olympics and what we do.” 

The event was successful, and the members was able to raise money for the club. The money is used to raise awareness of Special Olympic’s Inclusivity Movement and to purchase new equipment for the sports. 

For more information, the Special Olympics national website, tagged below, has information about their Inclusivity Movement and how to help at your own school. 


To get informed on the Plant’s Club, their Instagram is tagged below.