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Biomedical companies around the world are racing to get past the yellow tape of safety regulation. Moderna has released information about their tests, and essential workers have been able to receive vaccinations.

The race for a vaccine

Julia Wolfe, Opinion Editor
December 17, 2020
Starting to prepare for college plans, seniors are researching colleges and finishing up standardized assessments. COVID-19 has caused changes in the normal application process.

College applications in a Covid-19 world

Julia Wolfe, Opinions Editor
October 14, 2020
E-learning allows students to keep themselves and their families safe from the coronavirus, but it also has other benefits that make school life easier. The option to attend school online was made available during the pandemic for those who didn’t feel ready to take on the risk that goes with being around thousands of people every day.

The Benefits of E-Learning

Jessie Larrinaga, Managing Editor
September 21, 2020
Ready for school, senior Toni Keene’s set-up includes her laptop and an open binder. Keene mentioned her emotional stress of being a senior and not being able to attend school in the way that she had hoped.

E-Learning Q and A

Lauren Azevedo, Social Media Manager
September 17, 2020
Open to Canvas, the computer displays the dashboard where students can see their work for the upcoming week. Canvas has been used as the educational platform for e-learners and brick and mortar students.

Canvas Complaints and Confusion

Lauren Azevedo, Staff Member
September 16, 2020
 Hillsborough County Public Schools are limiting attendance to football games. The new spectator guidelines permit each participant to invite four people to attend.

Farewell Football Game Fun

Hartley Hill, Copy Editor
September 9, 2020
Against a backdrop of clouds, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital stands in downtown St. Petersburg. Perno has been working with the hospital since July 2003.


Alexis Perno, Print Editor
May 31, 2020
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