Plant adds five new teachers

Ava Nelson, Features Editor

English teacher Stacey Malin collects work from her students Tuesday, Aug. 27. Malin began her teaching career in New York, working at an international school teaching students English.

As freshman raced to reach unfamiliar classrooms and seniors traced through old hallways, five new teachers awaited students the starting day of school. AP Economics teacher Scott Donald returned to Tampa after teaching AP Human Geography in his home state of Indiana for a year. Donald had previously taught at Plant for five years, Steinbrenner for three and Blake for 1 and a half. He has taught AP World History, African American History, AP Economics and honors Economics. Donald was drawn back to Plant after noticing a unique unity between students. 

“I know many students may laugh at that, but trust me, I’ve seen the bleachers on a Friday night football game,” Donald said“It’s packed and that band is rocking, so you know I just love the school spirit. I love the way the students treat one another for the most part, I feel like there is a good camaraderie at this school amongst the students. Everybody is real respectful, everyone is real engaged and that’s just heaven for a teacher. If you ask any teachers, they’ll tell you this is heaven.” 

New Algebra 1 and Geometry teacher Alyson Gregorowicz also has prior working experience in Tampa after teaching for four years at Robinson. Gregorowicz was drawn to the proclaimed school unity at Plant and now looks forward to becoming involved with athletics. 

I’m excited about athletics, I’m excited about the spirit, I’m excited to get to know the Plant students,” Gregorowicz said“I’m hoping to get involved in coaching with soccer maybe or flag football. I’m just excited for change so it’s been a really good first week.” 

Lindy Clark also joined the faculty staff this year, assisting in the honors gifted English classrooms of Amanda Marriott and Cristalyn Stokes while also teaching some special needs students. Clark said she is excited to teach in high school classrooms after teaching at Marshall middle school and hopes to pass on a message of never giving up to her new students. 

“One thing that I’ve learned in my past five years of teaching is that we all can learn the same thing, some of us just have a different route to that,” Clark said. “So, going into the classroom that’s my goal, to make sure I’m finding ways to make it easier for each of my students to reach their end goal.” 

New French teacher Dr. Michelle Macy has working experience abroad after living and teaching in Pennsylvania and France. After teaching French at the university level Macy then began instructing students who wanted to become teachers specifically on how to teach to students who spoke other languages and aspiring foreign language teachers. Macy was drawn to Plant after wishing to return to teaching French and appreciates students’ and faculty’s helpfulness. 

“Everyone has been incredibly helpful, from administration to other faculty,” Macy said. “Faculty who are not even in my department have come down to help, and the students have been also very helpful… everybody has been amazing.” 

Former J.P Morgan Chase bank employee Stacey Malin also joined staff this year teaching Semantics and Logic honors and English 2 Honors. She began her teaching career in New York, working at an international school teaching students English. After moving to Florida, she taught reading at Jefferson. Malin aspires to create a comfortable environment for her students where they can feel comfortable being themselves and looks forward to becoming acquainted with members of Plant. 

“There’s a lot of really great kids who have a lot of diverse interests, and also a lot of enthusiasm,” Malin saidSo, I look forward to meeting more people here, both students and teachers.”