Wander Franco signs with Tampa Bay Rays


Giada Moralejo

Wander Franco signed with the Tampa Bay Rays for 11 years, read more below.

Wander Franco is a rookie on the Tampa Bay Rays. He joined the team just this year; he has a record-breaking contract at only 20 years old. Over the next 11 years, he will make $183 million or more. Making a monumental debut in June, he is ranked third for rookie of the year. He has the longest on-base streak of someone 20 or younger.    

On June 22nd Franco played his first major league game, surprising everyone with a three-run home run at only his third at-bat. 70 games later, he is now signed for up to $233 million.   

Franco’s contract will average about $16.8 million per year, one of the highest on the Rays. He only spent nearly three years in the minor leagues; his pay is well above one of the most well-known Rays center fielders Kevin Kiermaier who signed with the Rays in 2016 and makes about $11 million per year.    

Franco has proved himself to be an all-around player. With seven home runs and multiple stolen bases. Franco is excited to play for the Rays.  

“I hope to stay here my whole career,” Franco said.