Best Psychological Shows on Netflix


Molly Hill

Psychology is a broad genre of shows that can be experienced and interpreted differently by anyone who watches it. Everything within it is subjective, however there are a few that stuck with me more than others.

Psychological shows are a very interesting genre of television that has only risen in popularity as the years have continued. Netflix, as it is one of the most popular streaming sites to date now, has a ton of ones that are worth watching.


Evangelion is one of the most popular anime of all time and completely revolutionized and popularized the mech and psychological genre. While the beginning appeal of the show is the robot fights, as the show progresses it becomes something much more deep, surreal, and terrifying. The 26-episode show and ending movie follows Shinji Ikari, a broken 14-year-old boy forced to pilot a huge robot called an Eva, in order to protect his earth from extraterrestrial beings called Angels. The first few episodes are rather repetitive, but in the last few episodes tap into the psyche of Shinji and his co-pilots, Rei and Asuka, and the toll that having the weight of the world on their shoulders has on teens. The End of Evangelion, also on Netflix, serves as an alternative ending to the show. The ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion acts as a mental closure for the characters, while The End of Evangelion is what is happening in the physical world. The End of Evangelion is known for being much more surreal, visually appealing, and open to more interpretations than the show. Both are an absolute must-watch for any fan of anime, sci-fi or psychological shows. The show can be previewed and watched here:

http://Watch Neon Genesis Evangelion | Netflix › title


Breaking Bad is a very well-known crime drama that has recentered due to its spinoff and its inclusion on the Netflix platform. I hadn’t watched it until recently over summer, but it is definitely worth the praise it gets. Top-notch cinematography, writing, and most impressive to me was the acting. Each actor gave it their all and what is in the show is a once-in-a-lifetime performance. The show follows Walter White, a chemist teacher with a dead-end job who gets diagnosed with cancer, and decides to enter the drug business in order to leave a large sum of money behind for his family. The story is told very well with masterful pacing and great casting. I think anyone should give it a chance, but especially if you’re into well-rounded characters, action, and drama. The follow-ups, El Camino and Better Call Saul, are absolutely worth watching as well.


This show is another one I have heard a lot about but never got around to watching until quite recently. The appeal in this show for me was that no character was completely morally good, and everyone had their flaws and things that they needed to work through. Protagonists within television are usually portrayed as heroes who can do no wrong, however I know I found myself absolutely hating Bojack at times in the show. I can’t give too much away, but it is another must watch if you like psychological and amazingly written characters.