Christmas Takeover


Bella Mangione

Christmas is slowly taking over every holiday, starting with Thanksgiving and Fourth of July and now Halloween. Is it fair that Christmas gets this much attention?

Have you noticed Christmas merchandise filling the shelves of the stores as early as Oct. 15? International mall already has the Visit Santa Station set up and decorations throughout the mall and stores. Target has aisles full of Christmas trees, and Home Goods has Christmas home décor throughout the store. 

Christmas is slowly taking over all celebrated holidays from the Fourth of July to Thanksgiving. This year the holiday supplies were on the shelves before Halloween! Also, some channels like Hallmark have Christmas in July specials that now celebrate Christmas in the summer months. Furthermore, some radio stations are already broadcasting traditional Christmas music. 

While I love Christmas, and it is my favorite day of the year, we should still have the opportunity to enjoy the other holidays as well. It would be best if the Christmas celebration begins the day or even the week after Thanksgiving. This allows for each holiday to be recognized without the shadow of Christmas spirit haunting it. 

Junior Emily Mangione said, “I am all for Christmas coming early but only to a certain point. For example, people should only put up their Christmas trees after Thanksgiving. However, watching Christmas movies and listening to the holiday music should begin whenever that person is feeling festive.” 

Thanksgiving is less and less significant in the calendar holidays because of the early preparation for the Christmas season. Many people already have Christmas lights and decorations up in the front yard starting Nov. 1. Christmas has consumed the month of November and is heading for Halloween. 

We need to learn to appreciate each holiday, and even though we all have our favorites, mainly being Christmas, each special day deserves our attention.  

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