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American system fails as instrument of democracy when caucuses come into play.

Caucus Chaos

Graham Hill, Editor-in-Chief
February 25, 2020
Proposing to senior Graham Hill, senior Alexis Perno holds up fun dip. Valentine’s Day does not need to be celebrated with significant others as shown in the picture.

Valentine’s Day Pro-Con

February 13, 2020
A column by a staffer on why voting is a necessary step in the United States. Artwork by Summer Purks.

To vote or not to vote

Clio Bruno, Social Media Manager
January 31, 2020
Fists raised in protest, sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos engage in among the most famous Olympic protests in history during the 1968 Mexico City games. The International Olympic Committee’s recent statement that banned protests for the upcoming Tokyo games both silences athletes and disregards the history of the games.  Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Raising a Fist

Graham Hill, Editor-in-Chief
January 27, 2020
DIY clothes are inexpensive and not very hard to make. YouTube and Pinterest have been excellent sources for clothing DIY inspiration. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

How to release your inner DIY queen

Nicole Prus, Online Editor
January 9, 2020
In between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a chaotic time. In past years, the three weeks between these breaks has been very stressful, especially with schoolwork.
Photo courtesy of

A terrible three weeks

Izzy Antilla, Staffer
December 19, 2019
Real Christmas trees have environmental benefits that fake trees don’t offer. This is one of many reasons why having a real tree is superior to using a fake one. Every year of my life, my family has picked out a real tree and set it up, and it is a tradition that I would never give up. Photo courtesy of WIkimedia Commons.

Real Christmas trees are irreplaceable

Jessie Larrinaga, Social Media Manager
December 16, 2019
Trends to fall for

Trends to fall for

Nicole Prus, Online Editor
October 14, 2019
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