Getting Back Into the School Mindset


A healthy mentality is essential for a successful school year full of great grades. Time management and getting the proper amount of sleep are key factors for sufficient energy and motivation to get tasks completed.

Emily Mangione, Opinions Editor

Although it might be tough to come to grips with, summer is over, and it is time for the school year to begin. The summer was full of beach trips, staying up late, binging TV shows, hanging out with friends, and so much more. Students have gotten their two months off for the break, but now the real work starts back up. It can be hard adjusting back to many AP classes and countless hours of homework a night, so learning a couple of tips is beneficial to help you get back into the old routine.   

Tip #1- Sleep Schedule 

During summer, everyone’s sleep schedule gets messed up because of no school in the morning. This led to people waking up very late, sometimes even past noon. To have enough energy throughout the day, you need to get an appropriate amount of sleep every night. A way to ensure this happens is not to go on your phone after a specific time to limit distractions. Also, it’s a good idea to get your homework and studying done earlier so you can go to sleep at a reasonable time. Another piece of advice is to fall asleep in a peaceful environment, which means wearing cozy clothes and getting into your comfortable bed to relax. A lack of sleep is something many students struggle with during the year, but there are many ways to improve your schedule. 

Tip #2- Staying Active  

Another aspect to add to your daily routine is exercise. Many people use the excuse “I do not have enough time” to defend themselves for not working out. However, it does not take that long. A couple of easy things to do are follow along with a 10-minute workout video on YouTube or go on a walk around your neighborhood. 10-15 minutes out of 24 hours in your day is not a huge change in your day, but it will improve your health and give you a mental break at the same time. 

Tip #3- Stay organized 

It is crucial to stay organized to stay on top of your assignments. From binders to your desk at home, maintaining a clean environment will help you stay focused and not loose papers in a pile of mess. It’s a good idea to get a different binder or folder for every class and not share because homework easily gets misplaced in that circumstance. Furthermore, a clean bedroom and desk for doing homework and studying helps clear your mind to stay focused on the task at hand. Another idea is to create a to-do list daily to remind you what you have to accomplish and to help you not fall behind in any classes. 

Junior Amit Schatzberger said,” Having good time management after school is important to have a productive and balanced life.” 

Tip #4- Do not cram the night before 

You have probably heard this from your teachers many times, but do not wait to study for a test the night before! Putting off studying has many negative effects. For example, staying up all night studying for the test in the morning will not give you enough time to rest, and your brain cannot hold all that information from just one night. The better approach is to study a little bit every day or pace yourself, giving you multiple days before the test to become familiar with the content.  

Tip #5- Cut back on work hours 

Although it is nice to make extra money throughout the school year, sometimes it is the right decision to reduce your work hours to complete all your homework every night. Working long hours has the possibility of leaving you to wait until almost midnight to begin studying. This is not beneficial for your mental health or grades in school; there are several options for improving this situation. First, talk with your manager and say weekends work better for you. Also, do not work past a specific time because getting home too late can put you behind in your workload. It’s important to remember that grades and your education come before everything else and to make that your priority.  

 Good strategies and a thought-out plan to conquer obstacles thrown at you this school year is the key to success. Plus, time management and keeping your body and mind healthy impact your day more than you realize. Give yourself breaks and give everything your best shot, and you will accomplish your goals!