Stressed for Success


Emily Mangione

Stressing over school, work, friends, and family has taken over the lives of teens. There are many ways to reduce stress and relax when feeling overworked. Keep reading to learn more.

Emily Mangione , Opinions Editor

Junior and senior years can be tough on students. Believe me, I know. However, it is essential to remember to relax and not overwork yourself. With SATs, ACTs, college applications, volunteer hours, jobs outside of school, sports, clubs, assignment deadlines, and so much more, it is common to feel the pressure around you. Learning how to handle it can have many benefits in the long run.  

It is important to remember not to overwork yourself. You are human and can only achieve so many things at once without tiring out. If you do poorly on one test, it is not the end of the world. There will be another one and more opportunities to improve. If you do not get into your dream college, that is OK. There are plenty of other schools out there willing to welcome you to their campus.  

On the weekends, use that time to reset your batteries. If you stay out late doing crazy things, you will be even more drained for the week ahead than before the weekend. Take the two days off to catch up on sleep, exercise, hang out with friends, and catch up on homework. Staying productive and not procrastinating will contribute to success in the future. 

Becoming increasingly overwhelmed with all the work and pushing your body and mind too far can affect your mental and physical health. It is not worth exceeding above and beyond in everything if that means you become an unhappy individual.  

There are many ways to relax when you are feeling stressed out and as if you are being pulled into many different activities that you must participate in. One of the best ways is to unplug. Putting down your phone and getting off social media has a bigger impact than you think.  Another suggestion is to start exercising regularly. Not only will this help your mental health by clearing your mind, but it also improves your physical health.  

It is extremely common to feel unmotivated or over-motivated (stressing too much) over school, jobs, family, friends, and money. There should be a nice balance in your life to keep you happy and striving to achieve your goals.